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Welcome to my TrainzObjectz web site. This is where I let my hair down and concentrate on the fun things in life (Trainz to be precise) rather than the serious stuff you can find on the main TaFWeb Software site.

At present there are several pieces of software, a couple of layouts, and probably the largest collection of UK shops, factories, houses, etc. for Trainz that you will find on any independent web site. These are all available from the Download Section as well as Auran's Download Station. I am adding to these quite frequently, so keep an eye on the list of new additions below. Feel free to browse around and download what you like. Everything is entirely FREE, but if you feel you would like to help support this web site please see our Downloads page. Comments are welcome, but I cannot guarantee to reply to every e-mail.

Have fun!

Terry Franks
(otherwise known as TaFWeb)

Recent survey about my gMax files
Response to the survey about whether I should release my original gMax files into the public domain has not been as great as I had hoped. I have therefore regretfully decided that the interest in downloading the original gMax files is not sufficient to warrant the considerable work that would be involved in making them available for downloading. I would, however like to thank all of you who took part in the survey, and remind you that a number of the files (including Barclays Bank, Beam Bridge, Beam Road Bridge, Factory 1, Corrugated Fence, Signal UK, Suburban Shop 6 and Town House 3) are already available from here. You might also find the tutorial on how to create the Barclays Bank model useful if you want to create your own models.

Please note that I am no longer actively working on Trainz projects and have little or no experience of any Trainz versions after TRS2006.

I regret that I am no longer able to guarantee any form of support for my Trainz objects.

We are proud once again to be associated with the latest version of Trainz. All of my content included in Trainz 1.3, Trainz UTC, TRS2004 and TRS2006 is also included in TS2009. The TRS2006 objects are also available as separate downloads for use with earlier versions of Trainz. The TRS2004 objects are not available for separate download.

Using my content in TRS2006

Nearly all of my content should transfer into TRS2006 without problems, but a few items have been updated for TRS2006 so that they do not show errors in Content Manager Plus.

Using my content in Trainz Classics

I have not tested any of my custom content in the Trainz Classics series or later versions, although I know of no reason why they should not work.

Using my content in Trainz TS2009

Most of my content will transfer to TS2009 without problems, but a few show errors even though they seem to work OK. I will be working to produce new error-free versions of these items in due course.

Using my content in later versions Trainz

I do not have access to any later versions of Trainz and I am therefore unable to say whether it is possible to use my content in these versions.

Downloading to TRS2004 when TRS2006 is also installed

A number of people have asked if it is possible to download items to TRS2004 when they also have TRS2006 installed on the same machine. The answer is "Yes", and this article explains how to do it.

Statement Regarding Payware Content

Auran have announced that they are to provide support for third-party "payware" content (content you have to pay for as opposed to "freeware"). While I have nothing against payware I would like it to be known that I do not intend to follow this path - everything I produce (except items included as built-in content in Trainz) is free, and I intend to keep it that way. However, there arises the question of payware layouts which include some of my free content. My policy is that you can use any of my content in a payware layout provided that (a) you do not try to claim the content as your own, (b) you do not charge for the content itself (only for the layout) and (c) you tell me that you have used my content. Regardless of anything which might appear in the licence (which may have been written before payware was thought about) there is no need for you to seek prior permission from me. I believe that Auran may require payware layout authors to seek written permission from freeware creators like myself. You can take this announcement as being written permission for that purpose.

Site Statistics


Site Statistics - Site Statistics - November 2011

Visitors:   4,206 (average: 140 per day)
Page Hits:   28,183 (average: 6.7 hits per visitor)
Total downloads:   3,642 (average: 121 per day)
Most popular download:   TrainzObjectz utility (102)
Most popular model:   Station 8-track Thro' (54)

Overall Site Statistics - 1 January 2002 - 30 November 2011 inclusive
Total downloads:   331,996
Most popular download:   TrainzObjectz (18,510 incl. all versions)
Most popular model:   Beam Bridge (4,229)
Not including those downloaded from Auran's Download Station

The recorded downloads of TaFWeb content from Auran's Download Station (which includes pre-SP3 items) was 132,536,922 as at 1 December 2011 which with the downloads from this web site makes a grand total of
Most popular download: 1 Shop Block 1 (2,412,219)
(If only I had a penny for each download smile)
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Everything on this web site is absolutely FREE.
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Web TrainzObjectz Web Site


We will occasionally make available some videos of our content in use in Trainz. The Introductory video will give new-comers some idea of what Trainz is like. Please remember though that there is a loss both of smoothness and of definition due to the compression of the video files.

The videos available so far are:

Download Introductory Trainz Video - High quality (20.8MB)
View Introductory Trainz Video online - High quality
Download Medium quality (6.9MB)

Washing Plant (Bedford) - High quality (2.8MB)
Medium quality (1.0MB)

Other links you may find of interest:

New Additions
(See the Downloads page for the complete list)

28 April 2009 Several users have reported a problem using TrainzObjectz when the default browser is Firefox. Here is a small program to fix this.
1 December 2008 Updated CDPSave2006 so that it will work with TS2009 as well as TRS2006.
20 November 2008 Town Shop 9
12 November 2008 Updated version of CDPSet which also works with TRS2009 Beta (if installed).
28 October 2008 Signal Box 7
Signal Box 7 (Large)
23 October 2008 Proteus Yard layout and scenario (TRS2006 version)
23 October 2008 Proteus Yard layout and scenario (TRS2004 version)
22 September 2007 Semaphore Shunting Signals - updated with small changes to animation scripts
31 October 2006 Gated Crossing with House - 1-track (updated for TRS2004/6) (Includes road attachment points which were missing from 27 October version)
Gated Crossing with Signal Box - 1-track (updated for TRS2004/6) (Includes road attachment points which were missing from 27 October version)
27 October 2006 Gated Crossing with House - 1-track (updated for TRS2004/6)
Gated Crossing with Signal Box - 1-track (updated for TRS2004/6)
27 June 2006 CDPSave 2006
(A program to rename and save downloaded .CDP files in TRS2006)
24 June 2006 CDPSet - easily direct downloads to TRS2004 or TRS2006
24 May 2006 Signal Box 6
Article on downloading to TRS2004
while TRS2006 is also installed
20 May 2006 Goods Shed - Mindrum
18 May 2006 Milk Floats
17 May 2006 Emergency Vehicles - Police
Emergency Vehicles - Fire
Emergency Vehicles - Ambulance
16 May 2006 Water Tower (Civil)
19 April 2006 MS Canopy 13
18 April 2006 Station Through 4-t No Roof
31 March 2006 Station_Halt
Station - Halt (1-track)
Station - Halt (2-track but one disused)
24 February 2006 DLSCount (software)
8 January 2006 Washing Plant - Bedford
Bus Class RF - Midland Red (reskin by John Bird)
24 December 2005 Platelayer's Hut
Seat - GWR
Station 2-2
Suburban House - Construction
Wall with Fence
Fire Engine with lights
23 December 2005 Hotel - Dial House - Snow
House - Broadway - Snow
House - Stow - Snow
Picnic Area
22 December 2005 Girder Bridge - 1-track
Girder Bridge - 2-track
Girder Bridge - 2-track - Snow
Ground Frame - Acton Lane
21 December 2005 Bus Class RF - Midland Red
Bus Class RF - Red
Engine Shed 4 - Double
Gated Crossing with House - 1-track
Gated Crossing with Signal Box - 1-track
20 December 2005 Town Terrace 3
Bridge Steel Arch - 2-track
Bus Class RF - BEA
Bus Class RF - Green
19 December 2005 Black Cab
Brick Arch Bridge - 1-track
Brick Arch Bridge - 2-track
Brick Arch Bridge - 2-track - Snow
18 December 2005 Featherboard Fence - Snow
Fence 3-Bar - Snow
Town House 5 Spline
Town House 5 Spline - Snow
17 December 2005 Christmas Lights
Stone Wall 8ft
Stone Wall 8ft - Snow
Brick Wall 8ft - Snow
16 December 2005 Garage
Gasometer 2
Goods Crane 30cwt
Harbour Master House
15 December 2005 Factory 3 - Snow
Factory 5 - Snow
Factory 7 - Snow
Flats 2 - Tall
14 December 2005 Engine Shed - Industrial
Cathedral - Snow
Engine Shed 3 Double - Snow
Factory 1 - Snow
13 December 2005 Station - Moreton - Snow
Station - West Ewell - Snow
Town Terrace 7 - Snow
Bungalow 1 - Snow
12 December 2005 Suburban Terrace Semi - Snow
Suburban Terrace - Snow
Town House 3 - Snow
Town House 7 - Snow
11 December 2005 Shop Bourton 2 - Snow
Shop Bourton - Snow
Shop Broadway - Snow
Suburban Terrace Semi
10 December 2005 Carriage Shed - Snow
Suburban Terrace with Gardens
Town Terrace 6A
Town Terrace 7
8 December 2005 Shop Block 1 - Snow
Shop Block 2 - Snow
Shop Block 3 - Snow
Shop Block 4 - Snow
Shop Block 5 - Snow
Shop Block 6 - Snow
6 December 2005 (evening) Bungalow 2 - Snow
Ruined Cottage - Snow
Gated Crossing with Box - Snow
     (also in 3.5m UK track-spacing)
Shop 12 - Snow
6 December 2005 Station Terminus 3-track - Snow
Station Building - West Ewell - Snow
Gated Crossing with House - Snow (also in 3.5m track spacing)
Suburban House 8
5 December 2005
Farm Building 5
PC World Superstore
Signal Box 2 - Large
4 December 2005 Factory 8 (General Goods) - Snow
Good Shed Large (Industry) - Snow
Goods Shed Small (Industry) - Snow
Sewage Works - Snow
22 September 2005 A number of items have been revised
to stop them showing errors in TRS2006's
Content Manager Plus.
17 September 2005 House - Sussex
Lockup Garages
Lockup Garages 6
Lockup Garages 6 (Derelict)
13 September 2005 Garage - Amberley
Bungalow 1
Bungalow 2
1 June 2005 TrainzObjectz Version 6.0 Build 543
20 March 2005 Station - 3-track Terminus
Station - 2-track Terminus
11 March 2005 Corrugated Hut 0
Corrugated Hut 1
Corrugated Hut 2
Corrugated Hut 3
Corrugated Hut 4
Corrugated Hut 5
Corrugated Hut 6
2 March 2005 Shop Block 2
Shop Block 3
Shop Block 4
Shop Block 5
Shop Block 6
24 February 2005 Town Shop 5
Town Shop 6
Town Shop 7
Town Shops 8
9 February 2005 Gated Crossing with Signal Box (3.5m track spacing)
Gated Crossing with House (3.5m track spacing)
1 February 2005 Signal Box 5
Signal Box 5 (Disused)
1 February 2005 Signal Box 4 (Disused)
12 December 2004 Hotel Anchor Inn (Snow)
Houses - Windrush (Snow)
Cottage 1 (Snow)
11 December 2004 Tram Stop (Passenger-enabled)
Church 1 (Snow)
Church 2 (Snow)
26 November 2004 Farm Buildings (Snow)
Farm Building 2 (Snow)
Farm Building 3 (Snow)
Farm Buillding 4 (Snow)
Town House 8 (Snow)
26 November 2004 Pub Carvery (Snow)
Town Terrace 6 (Snow)
Winter Trees and Hedges (Snow)
25 November 2004 House Chipping Campden
Town Shops 4
Dry Stone Wall (Snow)
Cotswold Stone Wall (Snow)
Station - Charlbury (Snow)
24 November 2004 Modern Theatre
Nissen Hut
Signal Box 1 (Snow)
Signal Box 2 (Snow)
Signal Box 3 (Snow)
Signal Box 4 (Snow)
23 November 2004 School (Snow)
Suburban House 5 (Snow)
Suburban House 6 (Snow)
Suburban House 7 (Snow)
22 November 2004 Suburban House (Snow)
Suburban House 2 (Snow)
Suburban House 3 (Snow)
Suburban House 4 (Snow)
Baptist Church (Snow)
21 November 2004 Christmas Lights
20 November 2004 Christmas Tree
1 June 2004 Suburban House 4 Spline
Suburban House 5 Spline
Suburban House 6 Spline
Suburban House 7 Spline
26 May 2004 Flats 1 (Tall)
House - Ely
Farm Building 3
Farm Building 4
24 May 2004 Semaphore Shunting Signals
19 May 2004 Station - 2-track Through
Station - 4-track Through
Station - 8-track Through
Station - 4-track Terminus
Station - 8track Terminus
16 May 2004 Station - Axminster
Station - Charlbury
Station - Moreton
Station - West Ewell
11 May 2004 TrainzObjectz 5.0c Build 436 (for TRS2004 SP2 Passenger Pack)
30 January 2004 TrainzObjectz 5.0b Build 420
16 January 2004 Gasometer (Single)
Country House
15 January 2004 Gated Crossing with Signal Box
Gated Crossing with House
Siding Gate
Siding Gate 2

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