Clean Your PC with CCleaner Professional Plus


The Ccleaner Professional Plus from Piriform is a reliable tune-up utility that can breathes life to a used computer. It contains a wide range of features that can enhance a PC’s system. Some of these include real-time computer monitoring, privacy protection tools, and a drive-wiping functionality.

Free and Paid Versions

Piriform offers CCleaner through three plans. Obviously the free version would have lesser features. But it does boast basic cleaning abilities as well as tools for protecting one’s privacy which involves the deleting of passwords, cookies, and browser-based files.

The Professional plan, priced at $24.95, is an addition to the free option by providing comprehensive cleaning, automated cleaning of the browser history, real-time system monitoring, and automatic updates. Meanwhile, the Professional Plus is priced a little higher at $39.95. It includes file recovery and defragmentation. Keep in mind that the version has two apps bundled together instead of them coming in pre-installed.


OS Compatibility and Lightweight

With full compatibility for those running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows (XP and above), CCleaner Professional Plus is a program that can quickly be downloaded and installed. The left portion of the app contains tools responsible for cleaning system applications/files. The built-in registry cleaner allows for Windows registry repair.

Real-time monitoring alerts one when it’s feasible to save disk space, which comes in really handy. If one’s computer is anything but a pile of system gunk, a thorough cleaning can lead to gigabytes of reclaimed space.

Tune-Up Capabilities

Ccleaner Professional Plus won’t give out description of the software, which is a little sad. A lot of PC users will only get rid of applications without thinking too much, but for those who want more information of a certain program, they’ll have to research online if they happen to be utilizing CCleaner.

The app seems to be missing an integrated backup and restore tool to prevent one’s computer from unintended results. What Ccleaner did to make up for that is to bundle it with Recuva, a lone app that lets one recover system files that have been deleted.

Performance Improvement

A test on Ccleaner Professional Plus was done through a couple tests. One involves running a Geekbench system performance tool and another doing boot time measurements. Both these tests involve before and after using Ccleaner. After running the cleaner, the test opened up the system and apps rapidly — something that wasn’t seen when the system was clogged.

Ccleaner Professional Plus did a tremendous job in improving one’s PC. It also comes with a wide range of tools to enhance a user’s PC experience. However, it has its small downsides. Firstly, the utility is only limited to one PC per license and next, its fragmented design in its elements may turn off some users.

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