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This is based on the classic British shunting (switching) "puzzle" Inglenook Sidings created by Alan Wright in 1979. The original track plan contained only two points (switches) and three sidings - I've added another siding for the loco, but this is not to be used while shunting (switching).

The initial layout is as shown below:

Initial layout

The longest siding (A) holds 5 wagons while B and C have a capacity of 3 wagons each. The headshunt will hold the loco and 3 wagons. The object is to form a departing train in siding A consisting of 5 wagons. The wagons can be chosen at random by using numbered cards - try LOCO-7-2-4-6-1, for example. All movements must be carried out within the yard limits and no siding can contain more than the stated number of wagons at any time. Wagons must not be left fouling points (switches). You will find that some combinations are quite simple, but others are more challenging. Take care when joining the loco to the wagons - they are quite near the ends of the sidings!

Custom Objects Required - None.

Size - One board.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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The layout is available from the following site:

Download pre UTC version

Download latest version

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