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Creating a Model Building with gMax

A detailed step-by-step guide to creating a model of the Co-op Bank as included in Trainz 1.3.

Creating Trees with gMax

A step-by-step guide to creating trees for Trainz using gMax.

Error Correction using TrainzObjectz

A tutorial on using TrainzObjectz to correct errors in config.txt files.

Other TrainzObjectz Tutorials available on outside sites

  • "Winterizing a Trainz Layout Using TrainzObjectz" by Brian Eckard. Available on the VirtualRailroader web site.

  • "Where IS that car? Using TrainzObjectz to organize your rolling stock" by John D'Angelo. Available on the VirtualRailroader web site on page 37 of the August 2004 edition of Virtual Railroader.

Downloading to TRS2004 when TRS2006 is also installed
Downloading to TRS2004 when TRS2006 is also installed

How to redirect downloaded .CDP to TRS2004 when you also have TRS2006 installed on the same computer (and vice versa),

Using RandScriptz to Randomize a Layout
(Trainz 1.3 and UTC only)

Our layout Proteus Yard shows how it is possible to produce a layout in Trainz which is randomized, giving a different set of trains each time the layout is used. The randomization is done using our program RandConsistz. The program is controlled by a script and with the aid of another of our programs, RandScriptz, you can produce your own scripts for your own layouts. This tutorial talks you through the various stages of creating the script and randomizing your layout.

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